Monday, January 05, 2009

Daisies and Hip Hop Don't Mix

So, my Daisy troop co-leader hired someone to come in and teach the girls a hip hop routine today during our troop meeting.

It was the best money spent ever. It was adorable, hilarious, and darling all at the same time. During the "recital" afterwards several of the teachers at the school came in and watched.

Bear was, well, bear. From the waist down she's fine. She can do all of the complicated steps and turns, no problem. But from the waist up? A complete disaster. She barely moves at all. If her head moved six inches during the entire performance I would be shocked. They were doing the lean back shoulder groove thing and she moves about an inch. Max. They were supposed to be bent over and snapping their fingers while swaying. There was no sway. There was no bend. There, however, was snapping. However, she rocked the "strike a pose with an attitude" part at the end. My girl, she can pretend to be a bratty 13 year old, no problem. I was so proud.

Goodness, it was a good time. Best. Meeting. Ever!

NotD: China Glaze Vampy. I broke a nail badly last night while I was cleaning (and in a snit.) So it's dark, vampy colors for a while.

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Erica said...

What some people fail to understand is that dancing, especially hip hop is about feeling the beat. If you don't feel the beat then it doesn't matter how many complicated steps you do, you will look mechanical.